ACALISE Project Head

Dr. Jude Ssebuwufu

Centre Leader/Director, African Centre for Agro-Ecology & Livelihood Systems
Dipl.Philosophy (KNS), BA Philosophy (MAK), BA Education (UNISAL), BA Theology (UNISAL), MSc. Educ Management and Admin (UNISAL), PhD Management and Admin (UNISAL)

I feel very proud to be part of this great project of World Bank and Government of Uganda known as Eastern and Southern Africa Centres of Excellence Project (ACE II). I thank the Government of Uganda and indeed the governments of  the eight countries within this region for having expressed interest in participating in this regional project. The Government of Uganda not only expressed interest in the project but also (unlike other governments within the region) permitted all eligible Universities within Uganda, including Private Universities, to submit their proposals so that the best proposals are competitively selected. This is how our University, a privately owned (not-for-profit University, belonging to the Uganda Episcopal Conference) was selected.  The Centre is making a difference in the area of Agro-ecology and Livelihood Systems (ACALISE). Read More

ACALISE Key Contact Person

Assoc. Prof. Mwine Tedson Julius

Professor of Agroecology and Senior Researcher.
PhD in Bioscience engineering (agriculture and ethno-medicine) from the University of Ghent, Belgium, M.Sc. in Agricultural Entomology (MUK),BSc. in Biology (Makerere University Kampala), Post graduate Dip. in food production (Denmark), Post graduate Dip. in Integrated pest management (Germany), Certificate in food inspection/quality control (Germany), Certificate in Organic farming (Uganda Martyrs University), Certificate in Management of Universities and tertiary institutions, Certificate in Climate smart technology (ICCE – Germany), Certificate in Monitoring and evaluation (UMU) and Certificate in Ecological Organic Agriculture initiatives (UMU)

One thing that unites us is that we all eat. We therefore (all) depend upon Agriculture which is the main source of food. It is this inevitable union which transcends all boarders of race, gender, age, creed and the rest that informs the objectives of our center – The World Bank supported center of Agroecology and livelihood systems (ACALISE).

Agroecology which is the backbone of the center is not just a climate smart form of Agriculture as it is sometimes classified but a holistic way of life; a livelihood, where mother nature harmoniously works with ‘’acceptable scientific innovations’’ to provide for her off springs. ACALISE therefore subscribes to the school of thought that integrates tradition with science to enable actors in the Agriculture based value chains live a productive life in harmony with nature. Read More

Teaching Staff

Phd in Agro-Ecology & Food Systems

Master Science in Agro-Ecology

MSc. Monitoring and Evaluation

Master of Arts in Bio Ethics

Master of Arts in Micro Finance

MSc. Development Economics