Prof. Mwine Tedson Julius

Professor of Agroecology and Senior Researcher.
PhD in Bioscience engineering (agriculture and ethno-medicine) from the University of Ghent, Belgium, M.Sc. in Agricultural Entomology (MUK),BSc. in Biology (Makerere University Kampala), Post graduate Dip. in food production (Denmark), Post graduate Dip. in Integrated pest management (Germany), Certificate in food inspection/quality control (Germany), Certificate in Organic farming (Uganda Martyrs University), Certificate in Management of Universities and tertiary institutions, Certificate in Climate smart technology (ICCE – Germany), Certificate in Monitoring and evaluation (UMU) and Certificate in Ecological Organic Agriculture initiatives (UMU)

One thing that unites us is that we all eat. We therefore (all) depend upon Agriculture which is the main source of food. It is this inevitable union which transcends all boarders of race, gender, age, creed and the rest that informs the objectives of our center – The World Bank supported center of Agroecology and livelihood systems (ACALISE).

Agroecology which is the backbone of the center is not just a climate smart form of Agriculture as it is sometimes classified but a holistic way of life; a livelihood, where mother nature harmoniously works with ‘’acceptable scientific innovations’’ to provide for her off springs. ACALISE therefore subscribes to the school of thought that integrates tradition with science to enable actors in the Agriculture based value chains live a productive life in harmony with nature.

ACALISE entertains local, regional and international knowledge in order to make a well blended interplay between local priorities and specific world-class innovations that will spur further research to mitigate a myriad of (some of which are simple) problems that deter a healthy living and sustainable development in many developing countries.

Our desire as a center is to see our outputs (including well motivated and passionate agroecologists as well as simple but cutting-edge agroecological interventions) stand out as champions of sustainable livelihoods.

We therefore welcome individuals and organizations that share the same school of thought but also those with different beliefs – but with an open mind,to team up with us, in this struggle to contribute to the sustainable development goals through research and innovations at ACALISE, Uganda Martyrs University, where it is good to be.

Assoc. Prof. Julius Mwine

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